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When The Sanitary Industry To Work From Five Aspects

When the sanitary industry to work from five aspects

The opportunity to develop into actual power, sanitary industry and business to work from when five aspects.

First, we must adhere to the transformation and upgrading. To win the development of enterprises, it is necessary through scientific technological innovation, product innovation, marketing innovation, enhance the core competitiveness of the brand and improve brand value, expand the brand influence, thus contributing to the steady and healthy development of the brand enterprises.

Second, we must continue to improve the management level. Bathroom business managers to gradually achieve a high degree of integration of industrialization and information technology, application of modern technology to information management, institutional management, the use of specialized production, using modern technology to transform traditional industries, and implementing the concept of energy conservation, reduce resource consumption and improve resource utilization.

Third, we must enhance the degree of concentration of the industry. When the sanitary industry during the adjustment of industrial structure, solve product homogeneity serious overcapacity problems, through mergers and acquisitions among enterprises, enhance the industrial concentration and eliminate poor product quality, low operating efficiency of backward production capacity; there is to continued unswervingly adhere to export, to occupy the market, to enhance the level of China's bathroom.

Fourth, we must strengthen the construction of industrial clusters. To do a good job planning the layout of the cluster, to develop downstream industries logistics, warehousing, hardware accessories, paint, chemicals, timber, etc., to enhance cooperation with professional institutions, insist on doing the construction of public service platform. Inspection and testing to provide design and development, e-commerce, training and education, trade docking and many other services. Broaden marketing channel industrial clusters, to enhance the overall level of enterprises in clusters.