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The Next Ten Years Is Still The Golden Age Of Shower Development

Shower room is a fairly new thing, in recent years, the development of industry in the shower room is rapid, according to statistics shower every year, 30% and 43.6% rate of development. This also means that in the next few years, there will still be a shower sharp jack-promotion, so that the next decade is still the pinnacle of the golden shower undertaken by industry.

As a shower manufacturer in terms of clarity to their brand positioning, a marketing how to market, how to do each market, the difficulty is still very large. China is so big, including the North-South cultural differences, geographic differences, differences in the weather and so on. What kind of products in this market niche? This is what we should strive to do. What, then, to let go of the products to each dealer, let them do every market. We just do manufacturers product quality and brand promotion, and enough power to cope with the ever-changing mobile market as a whole on it.

The above situation also illustrates the shower marketing is very important that we do a good job marketing, to be able to maximize profitability improved shower.

2012 shower industry will continue to develop high-speed, high-quality, high-function, customization will be the primary features. In the past few years, the product style, functionality, environmental elements and so have greatly improved shower room industry. Apartments, hotels, public places, the use of office space, etc. shower room is also much consumers welcome, great market demand, product prospects broad.