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"The New Bathroom Scale" To Bring Sanitary Ware Market Potential Opportunities And Challenges

With the deepening development of the real estate industry, a modern kitchen and bathroom diverse styles are more and more people's attention. Especially the implementation of the new standard kitchen market norms the sanitary ware market, modern kitchen is not just a concept, but every detail stand the scrutiny of technology products. Chinese enterprises are kitchen kitchen industry leader, in the new situation to promote green and healthy kitchen environment, we made a positive response.

Discussion on standard kitchen, China Architecture Design and Research Quality Standards Technical Director Gutai Chang is this analysis: "The kitchen and bathroom on standard faucet Ye Hao, bathroom good, there are a lot of large number of standards have been born, but we very clear, integrated ceiling now on there is no standard integration of all toilet integrated, and now the lack of a large number of standards, this piece from 2010, China Institute of building standard design will sponsor the kitchen with our committee today as well as to the meeting today here all enterprises to jointly research, to discuss how to put the bathroom kitchen with integrated engineering and works acceptance and engineering, installation, engineering disciplines composed of these three areas, how to put it together with good research, the the standard project, including the preparation for good in 2010 and 2011. "

Discussion on the "standard" a "patent", the Gutai Chang believes that it is currently between standards and patents and some joints, because the patent is private, the standard is shared, how the inside of the standardization spent today a lot of money out of the research of new technologies, new products, new technology, how to go into the standard.