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Soft Wind Blowing Sanitary Industry Need To Seize The Woman's Stomach

In recent years, China's sanitary industry experiencing inflation, the financial downturn, the property market after the baptism swing and several heavy crisis, sanitary ware market suffered setback. We can say that China sanitary ware industry is in the post-crisis era, the golden age of rapid development has become history, and this will inevitably lead to low value-added, labor-intensive enterprises are facing a crisis and transition bathroom, but also Chinese consumers tighten their belts to live coming of age. In this context, the gradual rise of female power consumption, but also bring new market "exam" for the sanitary industry businesses.

Rising spending power of women, so that businesses are very positive about women business promotion. Coupled with the growing number of female role of decision makers in the home environment, female consumers are gradually added to the ranks of home building materials market, the main force of consumption. Relevant data show that in the United States, women in control of about 80% of consumer spending, which accounts for two-thirds of the country's GDP. According to China's third census, women accounted for 48.7% of our population, including strong consumption power, a greater impact on consumption of 20-50 year-old young women, about 21% of the total population. Meanwhile a survey, women are not only the individual consumer purchasers, policy makers also supplies the vast majority of children, the elderly supplies, male supplies, home building supplies purchased. Consumer behavior in the family, women often act as "Chief Procurement Officer" role of the family. Especially in home building materials and other consumer goods and other sectors, the protagonist of the play is the wife.