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Shower Industry Diversification

Shower development industry today, all of the patterns have undergone great changes. For now, many dealers have shower or in front of the traditional model of the warehouse shop door, and more power to send dealers but also that, at most, is the agent of several domestic or foreign TKK brand only, but some have already started, or to the development of other industries.

Iger shower wangbian Changchun visited the building materials market, when with a dealer chat with years of experience, that they began to produce small bathroom products. Of course, they also said that will continue to do Shower Room. Thus, the coexistence of multi-industry business model more popular. In fact, a single product business model is not suitable for such a long market economic reform.

Dealers in order to better market share, and gradually expand their brand management, product evolution from single to multiple products from a single brand to multi-brand offensive. This indicates a problem, the dealer always bundled together with interest. This single product to multiple product transition, a number of brands to a single brand transition is not surprising, but in today's competitive market this economic environment, a single product sales pressure is too great, and ancillary products but relatively good sales, dealers began to make efforts to transform this marketing model, and this supporting product mix, but also by the manufacturers welcome.