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Shower Basics

1. The distinction between wet and dry function

Home Improvement increasingly high-end luxury while the toilet area also required to distinguish between dry and wet area, complete shower in a wet area, does not affect the function of the dry zone, do not shower immediately after each engage in health is to clean the floor. Lebo Dayton shower watertight and strong, avoid dirty water leakage, ensure that the entire room quickly, renovation and extension of high-grade bathroom home life. More user-friendly design of the towel bar and clean clothes store open boutique rack, complete let you shower after fatigue Jinshi, clean and dry directly into the living room, complete shower never "sloppy."

2. Warm, security features

Since the gas or natural gas water heater intervention in daily life, its security requirements shower ventilated. Simple shower can be installed in the shower ceiling Yuba light, the process of ensuring warm shower features in a well-ventilated conditions. At the same time, the use of anti-cold shower shocks very strong quality tempered glass, so as to ensure the safety of the product itself, quality, and easy to clean, fresh and healthy.

3. The health function

Social and bustle of the city competition, busy people, after the close of the work day, to have a private space for physical and mental fatigue to provide total relaxation environment with multi-function shower, hot and cold alternately stimulate bodily functions release the pressure, flow and ease the impact of high-speed intermittent showers alternating stimulation to achieve capillary dilation and contraction, physical fitness, to eliminate the effect of fatigue, feelings of home cozy and warm.