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China's Total Share Of World 3 Bathroom Into An International Brand Intervention

Our country is known to a large population plus a producing country, China Sanitary Ware hardware accounted for 30% of the world total, bathroom accessories also accounted for nearly 35% of the world total. However, with the expansion of demand in the domestic market, foreign brands to enter the Chinese sanitary significantly speeding up.

Sanitary industry in 2012 through a series of shuffling after which they enter into a new crisis, the opening years of the sanitary industry raw material problems, crude oil prices, the central bank to raise interest rates, property control, and so gave the industry a bathroom heavy burden in a series of external factors, sanitary enterprises in order to have a firm footing to strengthen innovation and the development of its own technology, bathroom hardware industry needs to be done, some of the weaknesses we boast about, let us Discussion.

First: Bathroom immature market as a whole bathroom appeared to accelerate integration and further development of sanitary products, bathroom industry, but also for consumers to save time and energy renovation. However, full bath This idealized and not quickly occupied the current sanitary ware market. Although the overall concept of speculation has gained bathroom, but the market response has been tepid, consumers are still looking to buy less. It is estimated that in the next five years, the overall kitchen space market will reach 40 billion yuan, if coupled with the support of a large number of kitchen appliances equipment Deer, the next 10 years, its market space is expected to reach 100 billion yuan.